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It's time to take control of the digital shelf

Detail Online is an AI technology which enables brand manufacturers to audit reseller activity and stack the digital shelf in their favour.

Digital merchandising

Our technology takes the guesswork out of digital merchandising. It ensures your products get seen and get sold on every reseller’s website, every day, everywhere.

Accurate insights

Detail Online is industry-recognised for delivering best-in-class reseller insights that are granular, highly accurate and immediately actionable.


Our unique technology harnesses big data to locate the following sales killers for every SKU within your global online reseller channels:

  • Stock-outs
  • Mismatched and incorrect product content
  • Unacceptable search visibility
  • Inadequate share of shelf
  • Problematic customer ratings

If you want to capitalise on the e-commerce boom, neutralise online threats and maximise sales opportunities across the digital shelf, contact Detail Online now.


The CPM Group of Companies

Introducing you to the group

ACTiON la nuova soluzione CPM

I consumatori oggi si aspettano un'integrazione perfetta tra realtà e mondo digitale. Questo è ciò che offriamo in CPM con ACTiON, la nostra proposta di digital customer experience. Una soluzione video in cui le persone online possono ottenere consigli, formazione e assistenza clienti in modo immersivo, faccia a faccia, ovunque essi siano e in qualsiasi momento. Con ACTiON proponiamo la nostra piattaforma di v-commerce, esperti formati, dotati di kit AV e spazi esclusivi in studi personalizzabili per il brand. La migliore soluzione di one-stop-shop.